Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 7:00am – 6:30pm & Sunday 12:00pm – 6:30pm

High-Quality Services at Low Prices

We keep our grooming, boarding, and day care prices as low as possible. We want your pet to be able to enjoy our excellent services, without placing too much strain on your wallet.

Sterling Meadows proudly offers Blue SealBlueSeal_logo, Victor VictorDogFood, and Taste of the WildTOW_Banner_720pet foods and feeds.

Boarding Prices

Boarding prices vary based on quantity, size of pets, length of stay, time of year, and type of boarding.

All monthly boarders must pay a month in advance.  Also, full boarding contract must be filled out, with multiple contact phone numbers, as well as emergency numbers.

While boarding, credit card charging authorization must be given to Sterling Meadows Kennel.

Credit Card will be charged at the beginning of each month.

**We offer military discounts & discounts for cash customers.**

Normal Boarding Rates
Small Dogs >19 lbs $26.00 $30.00
Medium Dogs 20-49 lbs $28.00 $34.00
Large Dogs <50 lbs $30.00 $38.00
Cats $15.00 $15.00
Small Animals $10.00 $10.00
Monthly Boarding Rates
 Single Pet  2 Dogs Together 3 Dogs Together
Small Dogs $585.00 $875.00 $1140.00
Medium Dogs $630.00 $945.00 $1225.00
Large Dogs $675.00 $1015.00 $1315.00
Cats $330.00 $495.00 $650.00
Small Animals $200.00  N/A  N/A

If separate, use individual monthly rates.  These prices are only if they are SHARING A RUN.

1 Medium Dog + 1 Large Dog = $980

1 Small Dog + 1 Medium Dog = $910

1 Small Dog + 1 Large Dog = $945

**Military Discount Offered = 5% off with valid ID**


 Additional Services
Holiday Dinner $4.00 ea.
Oral Medications $1.00
Other Medications $2.00


Grooming Prices

Grooming and bathing prices vary due to the size of your pet, the style of cut needed, and the condition of their coat. Call us, or send us a message for a quote.

Normal Day Care Prices

Monthly rates for more than 2 dogs are available upon request. Monthly rates are given on a calendar period of 30 days, not per visit. Unused visits do not carry over to the next month.

Each daycare dog is required to pass a socialization evaluation first. Please fill out our Pet Daycare evaluation form, download here >> Daycare Application prior to the appointment.  There is a one time fee of $25.00 for the evaluation.  Please call us at (757) 471-0040 to set up an appointment for your evaluation.

 1 Dog  2 Dogs 3 Dogs
1 Visit $28.00 $38.00 $48.00
12 Visits $250.00 ($20.83 per) $410.00 ($17.09 per) $525.00 ($14.48 per)
16 Visits $300.00 ($18.75 per) $495.00  ($15.47 per) $630.00 ($13.13 per)
20 Visits $350.00 ($17.50 per) $575.00 ($14.38 per) $735.00 ($12.25 per)
UNLIMITED $390.00 $650.00 $820.00
Unlimited Yearly Rate with 1 FREE Month = $4,290



  • For each additional dog for daycare, from the same household, it is $10.00 per additional dog for the daily rate.
Day Care Bath Prices
*See receptionist for bath prices.

Upon drop off for Daycare Services, please sign in on the Daycare clipboard. For first time visits please see the receptionist to register your pet.